Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Glorious Resurrection

Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.” - Martin Luther

Springtime is a season of renewal, new beginnings, new buddings, it brings a sense of rejuvenation.  Even the plants, animals and vegetation awakes with great excitement. It’s a natural law that no matter how long and bitter cold the winter was, the spring always is sure to follow.  The leaves that were dead for weeks and months, comes alive and that amazingly reminds us of the promise of resurrection. No matter how hard and painful the reality of death is, the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ brings unparalleled hope, joy, life and exuberance.

Two of the disciples of Jesus were on their way from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the same day the Lord rose again.  They had heard from the women who went to the tomb and also from some of their fellow disciples about Jesus’ resurrection.  But for them the news was not so exciting initially. They were still finding it hard to digest the facts of Him being betrayed and crucified.  Filled with discouragement and disappointment, they were extremely fearful that those who persecuted Jesus will hurt them also. Wondering that even if Jesus is resurrected, would He remember them and would come to rescue them?  They were not so sure of that and hence were very sad and gloomy, conversing and reasoning with each other and trying to run away from everything.

The Bible says that not only Jesus went and walked with them all the way to their destination, but also took time to explain to them all the Scriptures, the things concerning Himself, though they did not know Him, for their eyes were restrained.  They were very slow in believing what the Scriptures had said, nevertheless, quick to invite Jesus over to stay with them where they were staying. This awesome decision changed their destiny and the course of their life journey forever. Their eyes were opened while Jesus blessed the meal and they knew Him instantly as He vanished from their sight. The encounter with the resurrected Lord was so powerful that it revitalized the core of their being that they rose up that very hour and returned to Jerusalem with exhilaration.

Our Lord Jesus always make time for us to walk with us all the way in our journeys. Those who invite Jesus over to their hearts and homes will never ever be the same again.  He will come in and change the course of your journey for better, from hopeless end to endless hope. His resurrection gives us the assurance that as He overcame, so can we also overcome.  No matter how discouraging the circumstances may be, the end can still be glorious as He is Risen, yes Risen Indeed!